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        Founders & Director: RongRong & inri

        Administrative Director: Xu, Dong

        International Programming & Assistant to Directors: Huo, Dandi

        Curatorial Assistant & TSPA Program Manager: Shen, Chen

        Education Program: Longwen, Wei; Liang, Zilong

        Coffee & Book Shop: Lu, Liqing

        Accountant: Zhang, Yue


        Center has display department, development department, production department, media department, library, etc.
        At the same time center registered in Hong Kong three shadows publishing co., LTD., professional books published every year a large number of photography. Also is equipped with professional academic committee and advisory committee.


        The advisory committee
        Three shadows is equipped with professional advisory board, by domestic and foreign famous scholars, curators, critics and artists as members.

        Ai Weiwei, Conceptual Artist, Curator and Architect, China
        Alison Nordström, Curator of photographs at the George Eastman House, NY, USA
        Bas Vroege, Director and Curator of the Paradox Foundation,The Netherlands
        Berenice Angremy, Executive Director of Dangdai International Art Festival in Beijing
        Britta Erickson, Independent Researcher and Curator, USA
        Christopher Phillips, Curator at the International Center for Photography, NY, USA
        Fan Di'an, Director of National Art Museum of China
        Fei Dawei, Artistic Director of Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, China
        Karen Smith, Critic and Curator, China

        Yoshiharu Fukuhara, Director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japan

        Kataro Iizawa, Critic of Photography, Japan
        Richard Loh, Art Consultant, China
        Wu Hong, Distinguished Service Professor of Art History at the University of Chicago, USA
        Yoshiharu Fukuhara, Director of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography