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        The Three Shadows Press was established in 2007 as an integral part of the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre's mission to promote photography from China. Since its establishment, the Press has published six books. The Press is currently seeking distribution opportunities abroad.

        Our Mission
        Establish the study of photography as an academic endeavor in China by researching the history of photography in China
        Engage in and disseminate international scholarship, criticism, and other publications on photography in order to position photography as an art form in China
        Promote photography criticism as an academic discipline in China
        Explore the emerging works and language of young photographers in China through the Three Shadows Photography Award

        Our Goals
        Three Shadows Press Limited aims to publish photography publications in the following the six different subgenres:


        • Photography collections
        • Photography criticism
        • Photography theory
        • Biographies of photographers
        • Photographer's research
        • Other publications 

        Support Three Shadows Press Limited
        The Three Shadows Press Limited relies on the generosity of corporate and individual donations and the support of editors and translators in order to publish its books.