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        Teachers and Adolescents Photography Program

        It is the basic education of photography, aiming at spreading knowledge of contemporary photography and promoting visual culture research through courses.


        1. Photography Teachers Training
        Professional training for regional teachers. Through short-term training, teachers will improve concepts of photography, learn about photography theory and master photography skills. It will satisfy the needs of general photography education.

        Course: Photography Education Teachers Training
        Course Introduction: 1. Basic techniques and skills of photography (Operation of dark room and light room); 2. Photography history and criticism; 
        3. Instruction on photography production; 4. Field trip
        Enrollment: 15-20 People
        Duration: 7 Days


        2. Adolescent Photography Education
        Adolescent Photography Education is one of the most important methods of developing contemporary visual quality. Introducing photography art education to primary and secondary schools will promote contemporary art and campus culture construction.

        Develop photography education activities through entertainment.
        Conduct photography research studies through photography culture.
        By taking pinhole photography and other lessons, students will learn about the principles of image formation, mechanical drive, optics, photography chemistry and methods of observation.
        30 - 40 People
        10 hours

        3. Guidance course for Photography College-Entrance Exam Preparatory course for overseas photography college