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        Travel Study Program


        For a long time, many photographers have been dreaming of viewing the beautiful scenery all over the world and many students have been travelling around, putting theory into practice. As a very practical way of education, study tour has great significance in today's educational environment.


        Domestic Program
        Beijing, the cultural center of China, has unparalleled benefits of culture aggregation. As the best photography art center in modern China, Three Shadows gathers rich and high quality educational resources. During this program, students will visit the space, interview photographers, participate in photography-based discussions, experiment with different ways to take pictures, and gain an understanding of modern photography's development.

        Program: Three Shadows Art Tour

        Duration: 1 Day

        Activities: Morning: Tour of Three Shadows, Tour of studios in Caochangdi Art Village, and a discussion with an artist.
        Noon: Lunch in the courtyard
        Afternoon: Photography Technique Workshop (Pinhole camera course or cyanotype print course)
        Free souvenirs
        Enrollment: 15 to 30 People

        Associated Companies: Travel Agency Artist Studio Gallery Translator

        International Program
        As society and economy develop, globalized education is becoming an important trend, especially the international culture exchange.
        More and more photographers are going abroad, hoping to expand their knowledge and broaden their horizons. The international travel programs at Three Shadows will allow participants to experience photography art through travel.
        Program: Japanese Photography Research Tour

        Activites: Visit Museums, Galleries, Artists' Studios and Photography School

        Enrollment: 10 to 15 People

        Duration: 5 days


        Program: French Photography Tour, USA Photography Tour, Overseas Short-term Advanced Studies Program


        Associated Companies/Institutions:International Travel Agency   Foreign Fine Art Institutions   Foreign Photographers Fine Art Schools