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        Past AIR Program participants include:



        June 3rd to June 26th ,Jean Bernard Koeman (Germany)
        May 6th ,2008 to July 6th ,Alberto Garcia-Alix (Spain)
        June 15th ,2008 to July 6th ,Abby Robinson (USA)
        July 12th ,2008 to July 26th ,Monika Bielskyte (Germany)


        April 1st to June 31st, Johan Gerard Nieuwenhuize (Netherlands)
        October 7th ,2008 to November 7th , Joel Feldman (USA)
        October 5th ,2009 to October 19th ,Laura Letinsky (USA)


        August 6th to November 5th, Diana Coca (Spain)
        May 1st to July 31st, Ken Kitano & Junko Takahashi (Japan)
        July 5th to August 6th, Zac Lee (Malaysia)
        August 9th to September 20th, Virgilio Ferreria (Portugal)
        July 1st to September 30th, King Tong (KT) Ho (New Zealand)
        April 25th ,2010 to June 25th ,Karl Kühn (Austria)
        April 20th ,2009 to June 5th ,Levi  Stefania (Italy)
        Janurary 5th to May 30th, Nadine Stijns (Netherlands)
        November 2010 to March 2011,Daniele Giuseppe Bornino (Italy)


        July 17th to July 28th, Luz Bejarano Coca & Frank Merfort (Spain)
        June 1st to September 1st, Garrie Maguire (Australia)
        June 21st to August 10th, Diana Coca (Spain)
        August 8th to August 19th, Junko Takahashi(Japan)
        July 16th to August 6th, Svetlana Bailey (Australia)
        September 1st to September 21st, Tiago Nunes (Portugal)
        October 10th to October 17st, Ken Kitano (Japan)
        September 14th to October 14th, Brendan Linane (U.K.)
        September 26th to November 7th, Nirmala Karuppiah (Malaysia)
        October 15th to November 15th, Carles Labella (Spain)
        October 15th to November 28th, Catherine Longly (Belgium)

        March 6th to June 30th, Carina Hesper (Netherlands)
        July 30th to October 4th, Kate Woods (New Zealand)
        June 8th to July 19th, Catherine Longly (Belgium)


        April 3rd to June 30th, Sofie Holten (Denmark)


        Three Shadows' first Artist in Residence, Alberto Garcia Alix


        2010, Ken Kitano


        Malaysian Artist in Residence, Zac Lee and Spanish Artist in Residence, Diana Coca

        2010, Nadine Stijns


        2011, Carles Labella


        2011 Nirmala Karuppiah from Malaysia


        2011 Artist in Residence Brendan Linane


        2012 Carina Hespe


        2012 Katherine Longly


        2012 Kate Woods


        2012 Ken Kitano