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        Year 2010-2011



        Activity: Personal photo screening and presentation of works in progress
        Date: May 29th, 2010

            Dutch artist Nadine Stijns will showed the work she has made during her three month residency at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.
            While in China, Stijns became fascinated with the way the natural and the artificial mix in Chinese society from the standpoint of a Western eye. She photographed the newly created and Western inspired idyllic surroundings of luxury apartment blocks in Chaoyang District, the striking duality of twins in a country that still enforces the One Child Policy, and the eerie consumerism of covered stalls in Wangjing's mega-shopping malls after closing time. In each of these series, she examines the blurred demarcation line between the public and the private as well as the addition of some Western ideals that appear to have become prevalent in the construction of Chinese society.
            Nadine's work focuses on the small ordinary moments and objects that are part of daily life.


        KEN KITANO

        Date: July 3rd, 2010 to August 20th, 2010

            In 1993, he became an independent photographer. In 1989 he began taking photographs, and in 1993, he held his first solo exhibition. Since then, his works have entered collections both inside and outside of Japan.
            At first glance, the works of Japanese photographer Ken Kitano appeared to be images of single individuals, but were in fact composites of a group of images layered into a "meta-portrait." No digital technology was employed in creating his images, but rather a mastery of traditional darkroom techniques. Almost anthropological in nature, Kitano's photographs distilled our understanding of various groups and members of society into striking visual representation.

        Activity:  Symposium: "The Manifestation of the 'Self and Other' in Portrait Photography"
        Date:July 10th 1p.m.,2010

            "I have accumulated photographs for many years and created a cache of images of all kinds of groups of people. Through the overlapping exposure of a large number of these negatives, I create special portrait images. Looking closely at the history of Japanese photography, we can see that, in addition to myself, Ken Ohara, Bishin Jumonji, and Keizo Kitajima have also devoted themselves to taking portraits and continuing to gaze intently at the existences of others. Lead by the vanguard of Yasumasa Morimura, a tradition of photographers who take self-portrait images has also been lovingly passed down to us.
            In China, RongRong and inri collaborate as photographers, using us as a creative subject. There are very rich and deep possibilities for two people and family time and stories. I was very moved, far beyond my expectations, because this kind of photographer is not often seen in Japan. However, in the short time I have been in China, I have discovered that artists that see the world from the perspective of us are more numerous here than in Japan. I am under the impression that they are not restrained to photographic expression.
        Participating Experts: Yu Hidaka (Guest Lecturer of Visual Culture at Gunma Prefectural Women's University, Japan), Yuri Mituda (Curator at the Shoto Museum of Art, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan), Huang Rui (Artist, China), Tsai Meng (Photography Critic, China), Wu Jian'an (Artist, China), RongRong (Photographer, China), Ken Kitano (Photographer, Japan)

        Sporsor: Polar Art Foundation, Japan Foundation

        KING TONG HO

        Date: September 18th, 2010

        The symposium discussed the development of the digital light room from the perspective of photographic creation and education and proposed some thoughts on the creative approach, not the technical application, of digital photography.
        Speakers: King Tong Ho (Senior Lecturer, Auckland University of Technology) and Xu Xi (Time Machine Image Center).

        Svetlana Bailey, Diana Coca, and Maguire / Lum

        Date: August 5th, 2011

        Three Shadows Photography Art Centre's three artists-inresidence from the summer of 2011 presented slide-shows of their previous and current work in the Three Shadows courtyard. Svetlana Bailey photographs in fog in a variety of unrelated locations.
        Diana Coca raises questions about bodily identity, morality and taboo. Maguire / Lum showcased work from the last decade of practice.