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        Situated in one of the most active art zones in Beijing – Caochangdi, the building of Three Shadows is a permanent work by the established artist and architect Ai Weiwei, which serves as a paradigm for contemporary Chinese architecture by its unique sight and style.



        With its superb art atmosphere, artistic and fashionable architectural environment, easily accessible, high standard facilities and professional team, Three Shadows provides a preferred location for corporate and private functions. 

        The centre offers four versatile indoor spaces with total 1125 square meters and a courtyard with 2600 square meters, which is available for a range of events, from cocktail reception, dinner party, conferences, product launches and live events etc.



        About Three Shadows' Space


        Interior Space: 1125 ㎡ (In total)


        Exhibition 1: 210.8 ㎡, 5.5 meter in height;

        Exhibition 2: 480.7 ㎡, 3.5 meter in height;

        Exhibition 3: 189.1 ㎡, 5.5 meter in height;




        Exterior Space is about 2600 


        G1 is about 800 ㎡ and located at the entrance of the office area;

        G2 is about 1000 ㎡ and located at the entrance of our exhibtion halls;

        G1 is about 800 ㎡ and located behind residency space.


        Space Hire

        The interior and exterior spaces of Three Shadows Photography Art Center are all available for business hire. For any inquiry , please send email to [email protected]