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Location: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre
No. 155A Caochangdi, Beijing, China
Opening: Saturday, December 3, 2011
Symposium 2pm, Reception 3:30pm
Exhibition Dates: December 3 to January 6, 2011 10am to 6pm
(Closed on Mondays and National Holidays)
Curator: Dries Roelens
Co-curator: Wei Chen
Artists Participating in Symposium: Arno Roncada, Bert Danckaert


Three Shadows Photography Art Centre presents “Depth of Field,” an overview of the most talented young photographers from Belgium at the moment. The exhibition was previously shown at the Guangdong Museum of Arts in Guangzhou.
Depth of field is an important tool that allows photographers to play with blur to the point of dissolution, and its opposite, focus, that like an eagle’s eye forces the viewer to look at a chosen object with sharp clarity.
The featured photographers include Jimmy Kets, whose unique images taken from daily life border on the absurd, and Arno Roncada, whose series analyzes historical photographs and allows for new connotations and inferences. Charlotte Lybeer focuses on portraits of people in costumes taken from the escapist, fictive worlds of film, video and computer games. Francois Goffin utilizes both blur and focus to train our attention on the poetic details of the simple things in life. The youngest of the group, Lara Gasparotto, approaches image making with a spontaneity reminiscent of the punk and anarchy waves in contemporary photography. Bert Danckaert’s abstractions of unnoticed spaces remind us of the significance of the trajectory, not necessarily the destination, in our daily movements from place to place.
A symposium featuring two of the artists, Arno Roncada and Bert Dackaert, will take place in the afternoon of the opening day.


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