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        "Six Mile Village"

        Date:2014年10月25日 11:19

        "Six Mile Village"
        The book is divided into four, including three for cloth hardcover, one for paperback; all four books with a fine printed packaging. 1000 limited edition, artist-signed and numbered by hand.
        Three hardcover books each include "Rongrong: 1994-2000" (88 black and white plates); "Rong Rong & inri: 2000-2002" (20 color plates); "Rong Rong & inri: 2000-2003" (73 black and white and color illustrated)
        Paperback collection of Mao Qing, Zhang Li, Ai Weiwei Wu Hongzhuan wrote the article.
        Publication: Three Shadows Publishing Co.
        Year of publication: 2007
        ISBN: 978-988-99667-2-0
        Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 13 cm
        Price: 760 yuan

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