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        Three shadows as a public art library, there are currently more than four thousand copies worldwide photography book, about 70% of them are from the institutions and the enthusiasm of the individual donation. Three shadows are often all over the world visiting artists, curators, research scholars, they meet in the convergence, and, as well as exchange of needed goods. They visit, brought a lot of books to the library, or on behalf of old Tibet signature, times add friendship.

        In this platform, we are looking forward to the domestic recommend photographers and their works of the world, introduce China to the world of photographers and their works. Such as in July 2012, three shadows with pictorial image library cooperation in Asia, held the first exhibition of common Chinese and Japanese photographer, promote China's photographic book during more than 90 copies. So, hope you have a photography book, photography magazines, feel free to give a gift, a total of haocha.


        Also focus on three shadows library collection of China's historical photography since the republic of China. Photography journals, photographic press, historical pictures, documents, letters, manuscripts, diary, posters, audio information, meeting records have even used in photographic equipment and so on, all we have to collect the important literature. Three shadows received information will be unified registration, preservation, and posted online and thanks.


        Giving way


        You like to donate, can be directly sent to send three shadows of the library. Address: Beijing chaoyang district caochangdi village, 155 a, three shadows photography art centre, zip code: 100015.

        Also sent a letter to [email protected], or call: 010-64322663.