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        Three shadows photography art centre library was established in June 2007, the library is the first domestic professional photography. At the beginning of the create, a total of 500 volumes of books, both from RongRongHe reflected in private collections. Effect in early 2013, the existing books from countries around the world more than four thousand copies, which is given priority to with photography books, have personal album, exhibition brochures, periodicals, photography, photography theory book, etc, and has a part of the collection of contemporary art. Depends on the people and many warm and giving, library collection is still increasing year by year.


        Three shadows is committed to build the platform of academic library, and to encourage and support the researchers who are interested in photography, advantage of rich collection of resources, to do independent learning. This, although primitive conditions, also focus on cataloguing shelving, retrieval service. Lecture on photography, from time to time to collect books recommend series, also looking forward to your colleagues, together, in a climate.


        Library is a public welfare organization, three shadows on the books in our library, free and open to the public, but only indoor file, can be checked out, don't sell. Precious books in our library, this is only open to members of the three shadows library, including temporary members, annual, etc. You are welcome to be our member.


        We closed for a week, on Tuesday to open to the public on Sunday, summer is 10:00 a.m. - 18:00, winter is 10:00 a.m. - 17:00. Every Wednesday morning meeting, or three shadows have significant activities, will be temporarily closed. Open the library during the lectures, also suspended. If there are any inconvenience, thank you.